AEA, SAG-AFTRA Union Actress

About Me

I ACT with the deepest love and respect for the human experience...


I have always loved to dance, share experiences and connect with people. I am continually curious about what motivates us and how we experience each other and the world around us.  My curiosity (and a dance scholarship) moved me from the midwest to New York City. From there, I traveled the world, performing on stages in Europe and Asia, eventually returning to NYC. I then moved to Los Angeles where I discovered my love of film. I believe that together, theaters & feature length stories, transcend stereotypes & cultures and move us all from sympathy to empathy and eventually to compassion. I am grateful everyday to be able to collaborate with other artists, and join in this revolution of the human spirit!

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The link below connects to my resume on The Casting Networks website. Next to each credit, you will see a video-play button. Click on the triangle to view a brief (approximately 1 minute) clip of my work in that film. Feel free to watch as many as you'd like! 

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